Saturday, January 13, 2018

Walnut Fougasse

Our list next saw us baking Rose's fragrant Walnut Fougasse. Cousin to the focaccia, this has the lovely additions of walnuts and walnut oil and is guaranteed to make your kitchen smell heavenly.

Jeniffer added lemon and sage to her bread, a combination that sounds wonderful! The slashes in her bread to resemble the traditional wheat sheaf add a great touch to this bake.

Vicki also could note the resemblance to focaccia and made a wonderfully dark-golden bread. To keep it from becoming too brown with baking, she smartly tented it with some foil. Her kitchen smelled like a french baker's all day long.

Elle left the chopped walnuts out of hers since the family generally doesn't like nuts in things, but the walnut oil alone was enough to give this bread a hint of rich nuttiness. It was a treat to eat!

Sheryl twice made this month's bread, finding that the texture was a bit difficult to work with and didn't seem to come out quite right. While she might not make this bread again, she definitely expanded her horizons and learned quite a bit about making different varieties of fougasse.

Catherine also would not list this on her favorite breads of all time, but was a trooper in finishing out the recipe and showing off her results. A fine specimen and wonderfully slashed in the traditional manner.

Great job this month, Bakers! Pizza upcoming!

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