Saturday, January 13, 2018


A round of applause for the adventurous bakers who tackled crumpets! Crumpets are tricky little fellows as we all found out. It is an art form to get them just right and we learned a lot in trying to perfect them.

Laura decided to error on the side of caution and set her burner very low. A little too low as they came out underdone, but she had a lot of fun in the attempt and is ready to give them another go. They certainly look pretty as they cooked!

Vicki was on her second attempt at crumpets this time and still didn't think hers were quite right - but they still tasted far superior to anything found in the store. Maybe third time will be the charm?

Elle was also a crumpet first-timer and found hers a smidgen underdone too - but that didn't stop her family from making the whole lot disappear. Teenager approved!

Next month we'll be trying out a new biscuit recipe with a twist - yeast!

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