Saturday, January 13, 2018

Potato Buttermilk Bread

Hi Bakers!

Not many of us were able to make the Potato Buttermilk bread  this month, so I think this may go on our makeup list. Fortunately, we had two bakers able to carve out some time and give us mouth-watering results of this fun, dark-crusted loaf.

Sheryl absolutely loved this bread and we can see why! It makes fantastic sandwiches and is a keeper recipe to make in future. She tried out dried buttermilk instead of liquid and thought it was a fine substitution for liquid since most of us don't keep buttermilk in our fridges regularly.

Laura also made the bread and gave this one a thumbs up! It turned out wonderful and although it begged to be devoured on the spot, she and her husband did manage to hold off and keep some for later.

Thank you bakers - on to the next round!

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