Saturday, January 13, 2018

Banana Feather Loaf

Welcome back! This month we made Rose's Banana Feather Loaf. Don't let the title fool you - this is not a quickbread that we all tend to immediately picture. Rather, this is a hearty, solid loaf of bread that makes great toast or sandwiches.

Sheryl, like many of us, had to get passed the idea of banana in a bread loaf, but was so thankful she did because this made a stunning and pleasing addition to her baking rotation. A great way to use up a ripe banana!

Vicki recalls the first time she made this banana feather loaf and would definitely make it again. Like the name says, she thought this texture and crumb absolutely light as a feather. It also makes great french toast!

Laura made this delicious (and deliciously dangerous) bread, too. Look at that crumb! Airy and fantastic, she'll also be putting this recipe into regular rotation.

Elle also recalled when she first made this recipe, and definitely wants to make again. This was a perfect bread to watch bake into a golden hue through the clear pyrex loaf dish.

Next month sees us making Carrot Bread - happy baking!

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