Thursday, April 27, 2017

Flaxseed Loaf

Flaxseeds are pretty amazing little sprinkles of nature. High in nutrients, by either grinding them into meal or cracking the buttery, golden seeds, it's much easier to release their omegas and other good-for-you bits. If you can't get your hands on pumpernickel flour (like a few of our bakers) then dark rye flour makes a good substitute.

Rose created this lovely recipe that has a good, earthy texture and loads of flavor!

Vicki took a back seat to this one and let her granddaughter and next-generation-Rose-baker take charge. This was her very first, start to finish loaf, and it was amazing! They enjoyed it with Irish butter and Irish cheese.

Jeniffer  decided to go a bit wild with her seed addition, adding in some beautiful chia seeds and sesame seeds. Instead of the loaf, she made some fabulous looking rolls and topped them with whole egg dill mayo, lettuce, egg, and carrot spirals.

Elle made hers on a rather hectic Sunday afternoon, but her loaf still came out nice (except it did stick rather vehemently to the pyrex dish). Her family enjoyed this healthful loaf as sandwiches, or in Elle's case, topped with a FitGirl recipe of artichoke, spinach, sourcream, and a bit of mozzarella.

Catherine made hers in a round loaf style, and doesn't it look like something you'd find in a top-notch bakery? She too thought the loaf's texture and flavor were a winning combination.

Patty felt the impatience of having to wait the full 2 hours for this loaf to cool down - but it was worth the wait! She's definitely putting this recipe in her baking rotation.

Laura got some serious oven spring for her loaf! A really nice-looking crumb, too. She agreed with Rose that this was a lively dough, and it turned into lovely bread.

Sheryl  wrote a lovely post on the healthy flaxseed bread. We completely agree that this is a fantastic sandwich-style loaf and what a way to blast your daily diet with some extra nutrients!

Great job, bakers! See you all next month.

Olive Bread

If you need to take a quick mental vacation to the Mediterranean, Rose's olive loaf is definitely a passport to sunshine, warmth, and most importantly, fantastic edibles.

Jeniffer faced every baker's nightmare - a misbehaving oven! Thankfully she kept her cool and saved the dough. It turned out fantastic, straight out of Food magazine. She topped her slices with raw and caramelized tomato with some herbs. What a scrumptious Sunday brunch.

Sheryl made an amazing loaf, filled with spices and gorgeous olives. She had some great tips of how she usually makes this bread and finds it's always a winner!

Vicki was delighted to find that this loaf was something she would happily order in a restaurant. It was also the first time she'd proved a bread in a towel-lined colander. A gentle hand was necessary to keep this delicate dough from deflating. Vicki was a pro and made a superb loaf.

Laura's loaf was devoured in seconds by her quilting friends. Not surprising as it looks wonderful! The chopped kalamata olives give it a great visual and texture.

Elle had a lot of fun making this lighter-than-air bread. She and both daughters were more than content to dip slices of this loaf into olive oil.

Levy's Real Jewish Rye Bread

Getting back into loaves after our foray into scones, the bakers tackled Rose's Rye bread, studded with aromatic caraway seeds. This loaf is recommended for anyone who wants an extraordinarily flavored bread with out of this world texture.

Sheryl  really outdid herself on this loaf. Absolutely stunning. We are always so happy to see her creations and be a part of our baking group! The rye bread took her out of her bread comfort zone with awesome results. She found yet another recipe to add to her rotation.

Laura's loaf has a fantastic looking crumb and such a beautiful shape! She was rightfully very proud of the shape and crunchy crust. Well done!

Elle was excited to bake this bread and wasn't phased by multiple trips to different grocery stores in order to procure the necessary flour and caraway seeds. She thought the taste was stunning and loved it topped with Irish butter and radishes.

 Vicki thought this bread far superior to any other rye bread she's sampled before. Although the crust was a little done, it still crackled beautifully and the inside looks delicious.

Jeniffer, we are pleased to say, had her bread epiphany this month - what a stunning loaf! Her fellow bakers completely understand the euphoria that happens when a bread loaf comes together and produces something just magical. This bread was scrumptious both on its own, and toasted into gourmet additions to salad in thin, toasted pieces.

Happy baking everyone!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Creamy Ginger Scones

November, with the chill of autumn for our northern hemisphere bakers, seemed like a great time to tackle these delightful scones from Rose's book!

Vicki and Elle omitted store-bought candied ginger from the recipe (Trader Joes informed Vicki that it contains lead, and Elle's offspring #1 doesn't care for overpowering ginger flavor). Both thought the method of whipping cream was a fantastic idea (one that Elle though even SHE couldn't mess up) to make delicate scones.

Laura used the last of her homemade candied ginger for these lovelies (Laura, share the recipe!) and they were so decadent it was hard to resist taking more than one for a treat.

Jeniffer cut hers in circles, the traditional "British" shape and topped with preserves. They looked so lovely, as always! She also treated us with a neat tidbit about the history of candied ginger in Australia.

Sheryl made hers as a contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. Unsurprisingly, they were a huge hit (especially with her uncle). Everyone loved the sweet and spicy combination.

And Joyce summed up the scones perfectly. With a cup of tea! She decided to forgo whipping the cream but it didn't affect the fantastic results. Light but rich, creamy, and delicious.

For December - with the holidays, it seemed like a lot to put on everyone to make the rye bread, so we've given January as a time to get caught up. If you've already made the rye bread, consider yourself ahead of the game!

Look forward to baking with everyone in 2017!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Irish Soda Bread

Rose's Irish Soda Bread was our recipe for October and it was a lovely adaptation of the well-known classic!

Patty made her bread into delicious looking rolls. Packed with well-soused raisins left over from a previous recipe, she let them swim in a pool of bourbon until they were good and passed out. Sounds good to me!

Laura had some trepidation about trying soda bread but she decided to trust Rose. It was well worth it and she is a devoted convert to Rose's adaption.

Jeniffer recently lost her father and found baking to be at least a temporary solace, even if the lovely memories of food and family get a few tears in the batter. Rose's Bread Bakers are always ready to share some tea and a slice of toast if you need it, Jeniffer! This month's bread is timely since her step-son is in Ireland. She shared that across the pond, it's simply known as brown bread. Neat!

Ellia was glad to get back into baking this month after her father's passing as well. This was a nice, easy way to get up in the bready saddle again. She and her daughters could hardly wait for their loaf to cool before gobbling it up. A dangerous and delicious treat!

Vicki found this recipe incredibly easy to make, and incredibly scrumptious. Her raisins soaked in a bath of whisky, with extra for the whipped whisky butter. Fabulous right out of the oven, she says this will definitely be something to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Joyce said this recipe is a keeper. She was definitely a fan of the whisky butter spread on a warm piece of bread as a lovely treat on its own.

Sheryl treated us to a bit of background on the surprisingly devoted following of soda breads! While Rose's version might not be traditional, she still found it delicious and would make this one again anytime.

Thank you to everyone who baked this month! November will see us making ginger scones :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rose's Basic Hearth Bread

First off, a very heartfelt thank you to all the Bread Bakers, for their patience and understanding as we grieved for the death of my dad and Vicki's husband. I will get the Round Ups back on track.

Also, the blog site's photo upload is down so as soon as it's working again I will update with some beautiful photos of our bread.

September saw us making Rose's basic hearth bread. But there is nothing basic about it! It is a simple, homey bread that is incredibly versatile and can be enhanced with savories or sweet depending on what you want the end result to be. This is the bread I think we all envision when embarking on a bread baking journey.

Vicki found this bread to be relaxing to make - it was a recipe that helped evoke lovely childhood memories and help her conquer the mystery of bread dough.

Jeniffer channeled some fabulous creativity in making her loaves. They look like something straight out of Gourmet Magazine. And, according to her, taste just as good.

Laura made her loaf in free-form version and it looks heavenly to eat. She and her husband divvied up the spoils, smeared with lots of butter.

Patty made two lovely loaves of the hearth bread, one a free-form and the other in a loaf pan. Both tasted wonderful and didn't have any problems even with a hundred degree California day.

Joyce's bread came out spectacular, especially with the homemade garlic-and-chive butter used to make a delicious addition to some mushroom soup. Grab the recipe she gives for that butter!

Sheryl demonstrated what a La Cloche clay bread baker can do for your bread - namely, making an amazing crust. She also includes an experiment with KA artisan flour and a recipe for skipjack tuna salad!

Billie said she will never buy store-bought bread again. This recipe was too yummy and would be great with anything!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

There's something about August that seems to knock people for six! For a lot of the bakers in America, school has started back up already which means less time to dedicate to bread making *sad face* It's also a time for vacations and getting your last summer huzzahs. For our bakers in other parts of the world with different seasonality, it still seems to be a hectic month with busy calendars.

In other words, I think we'll definitely be updating this Round Up in a few weeks after everyone gets on an even keel again. In the meantime, we had some intrepid bakers who soldiered through and delivered some amazing, delectable loaves of cinnamon raisin bread!

First up is Joyce. She's our newest member to the Bread group and woah, can this gal bake! Her raisin loaf (she omitted the cinnamon) is spectacular, with an envious crumb and delicate texture. She topped her slices off with homemade Orange and Cardamom jelly. Our mouths are watering just looking at it! (Be sure to check out her results for blueberry muffins and the caramel sticky buns in previous Round Ups).

Sheryl is another of our blogger bakers and she has continued expounding on her bread baking skills. Despite a few hiccups, she produced two lovely looking loaves of cinnamon raisin bread. She's also starting to see some parallels between our baking pace and the movie Julie and Julia. Amen to that!

Laura decided to take a field trip to her local farmer's market for some fresh Diamond Muscat raisins for her bread. And learned a lesson about using fresh raisins in bread (spoiler: they will pop out when slicing is all. Still tastes great). This bread was easy to overdose on - one slice just isn't enough!

Jeniffer used a delicious mix of sultanas and currants for her cinnamon raisin bread - an excellent choice! She topped hers with fresh cheese and berries but thought this bread was yummy enough to be eaten unadorned.

That's it so far for this month - check back later as the bakers post their results!

Happy baking,