Saturday, January 13, 2018

Pizza Dough

Welcome back, Bakers!

This month Pizza was the name of the game, and boy did everyone deliver. From the Alsatian to Margherita, the bakers had fun with different toppings.

Vicki topped hers with homemade marinara, basil, and parmesean. No one can disagree with the fantastic results - it looked (and tasted) absolutely scrumptious!

Catherine felt very cosmopolitan feasting on the Alsatian pizza. We can see why! With beautiful caramelized onions complementing gooey cheese and beautiful olives, this was a winner of a month for baking (and eating)!

Jeniffer really pulled out the stops this month and baked a stunning creation! With her own twist on the Alsatian onion pizza, these mini servings would have anyone asking for seconds, even thirds.

Sheryl gave us a fabulous history and background to the region where Alsatian comes from, along with showcasing her result. She also got to test out a new pizza stone with great success. As always, well done!

Laura made two versions of pizza for dinner with her husband and we were excited to hear that both earned rave reviews! Indeed, based on her photo they really look delicious.

Elle didn't have a chance to get the onion and gruyere for her pizza so she improvised with homemade pesto and topped with mozzarella cheese. Her family inhaled the results and enjoyed the lovely scents of baking pizza dough in the kitchen.

That's it for this month - happy baking!

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  1. so happy to see all these beautiful results! we have been buried under upcoming book production and just finished the first pass pages so until the second and final pass comes along we can catch up!