Saturday, January 13, 2018

Big Banana Muffins

Yet another way to delightfully repurpose an overripe banana, these muffins will meet with rave reviews by your friends and family.

Vicki added chocolate chips and cinnamon to her recipe - which makes our mouths water just thinking about it! Perfect with a cup of coffee on a cold winter day, this will go into her baking rotation.

Jeniffer decided to omit the walnuts but still had some fabulous muffins to share! She made hers regular-sized which resulted in 7 of these yummy creations.

Elle got six muffins that quickly disappeared from her counter. Both kids pleaded innocent but the crumbs around their mouths gave them away. Definitely trying the addition of chocolate chips to enhance the mellow banana flavor and light crumb.

What a year, bakers! Here's to more wonderful creations and culinary adventures in 2018!


  1. Fairly new to bread baking and would love to learn how from home bakers like myself. <3

    1. Pam we would love to have you! Would you like to join our group? -Elle

  2. They all look so good - the crunchy tops especially.