Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Welcome all bread lovers!

Welcome bread lovers!

This site is dedicated to the legendary baking book from Rose Levy Beranbaum, The Bread Bible. The book has been out for several years but it's an amazing collection of easy to follow recipes that always taste delicious! If you are new to working with yeast or a seasoned bread baker, you are in the right place. The only thing we request is a love of baking, experimenting, and consuming tasty discoveries.

We will be doing a recipe once a month, and you'll have that entire month to bake the month's recipe and post. The first week of the following month, we'll post a roundup (or recap) of everyone's experiences. If you post later than that, don't worry! We can always update the roundup. If you only feel like baking certain breads, that's okay too!

So, for every month, we will post on our blogs (or facebook group) how things went for each recipe along with pictures. Please don't post the recipes on your websites or facebook pages out of respect for Rose.

Something extra special is that Rose has made some updates to certain recipes throughout the book. It can be found in the side bar.

If you would like to have your own copy of this fantastic book, get The Bread Bible here at Amazon.

One of Rose's Alpha Bakers, Marie, has already baked her way through this book! Her blog is a great resource if you need some extra advice or to see the process.

We also have a community facebook page to chat and encourage each other! Please comment below if you're interested in baking along with us through this fabulous collection of recipes.

Happy baking!