Sunday, August 21, 2016

Caramel Sticky Buns

If you want to experience decadence, this recipe is definitely one to try! This month, the bakers tackled Rose's first edition recipe of Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns. The Alpha Bakers may also recognize this updated version in Rose's fabulous new book, The Baking Bible.

This recipe is great for expanding your baking horizons. Homemade caramel, lovely brioche dough, and experimenting with rolling and cutting with dental floss - the caramel buns have it all!

Vicki tried this recipe out with the Alpha Bakers last year, so she took a well-earned pass at trying Rolls version 1.0 but she remembered how much the family loved these rolls. Never again will she buy Pillsbury at the store! She set off the caramel by sprinkling on some sea salt and soaking the raisins in kahlua. Yum.

Jeniffer was also charmed by these delicious rolls. She was reminded of a cross between a chelsea bun and golden syrup dumplings. Jeniffer definitely recommends searching out muscovado sugar, if you can find it. Buttery, sweet, and delicate, these were a winner!

Catherine was a champ with this recipe, experimenting with dark brown sugar for the caramel instead of muscovado. She made two batches, the second one having enough time to really soak up the delicious caramel which really kicked it to the next level of yumminess. She also notes that the brioche is amazing to watch rise and mature through its phases. I think all bread bakers share this enjoyment-fascination!

Billie was very pleased with her rolls. She used some leftover rosemary caramel for this recipe and thought the subtle flavor melded beautifully with the buttery, sweet dough. Delicious and light, the caramel buns got a definite thumbs up.

Ginny's rolls also got a blue ribbon. Her kitchen smelled heavenly when these beauties were baking!

Jennifer gave these a shot and thought the recipe was a challenge. We think they turned out great! A real trooper, she stuck with the sticky buns until the end and served them to her family.

Laura was happy to spread her wings and try this new recipe. She wasn't disappointed and thought it was quite fun to use dental floss to slice the dough up. Laura also called out what a lot of us did as well - clean up the caramel leftovers with a spoon and taste away!

Sheryl loved working with the brioche dough (it is an amazing recipe) and decided to try the maple/walnut variation. She found the maple/golden syrup combination absolutely divine and will definitely make these again - using her new OXO pan!

Elle had a great time learning how to make both a rolled up bun and homemade caramel. The caramel was such a hit that her teenage daughter/daughter's best friend immediately punted her out of the kitchen to make their own batch! Elle chose to take the majority of these dangerously good buns to her husband's workplace to share the calories, where they were promptly devoured.


Joyce is our newest member and is jumping in with caramel sticky buns. Her brioche dough looked lovely and turned into a fantastic batch of sticky buns. The aroma filled her kitchen with an all-too-tempting aroma and the sticky goodness of the caramel buns were not to be missed!

That's it for this month's round up - happy baking everyone!