Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rose's Basic Hearth Bread

First off, a very heartfelt thank you to all the Bread Bakers, for their patience and understanding as we grieved for the death of my dad and Vicki's husband. I will get the Round Ups back on track.

Also, the blog site's photo upload is down so as soon as it's working again I will update with some beautiful photos of our bread.

September saw us making Rose's basic hearth bread. But there is nothing basic about it! It is a simple, homey bread that is incredibly versatile and can be enhanced with savories or sweet depending on what you want the end result to be. This is the bread I think we all envision when embarking on a bread baking journey.

Vicki found this bread to be relaxing to make - it was a recipe that helped evoke lovely childhood memories and help her conquer the mystery of bread dough.

Jeniffer channeled some fabulous creativity in making her loaves. They look like something straight out of Gourmet Magazine. And, according to her, taste just as good.

Laura made her loaf in free-form version and it looks heavenly to eat. She and her husband divvied up the spoils, smeared with lots of butter.

Patty made two lovely loaves of the hearth bread, one a free-form and the other in a loaf pan. Both tasted wonderful and didn't have any problems even with a hundred degree California day.

Joyce's bread came out spectacular, especially with the homemade garlic-and-chive butter used to make a delicious addition to some mushroom soup. Grab the recipe she gives for that butter!

Sheryl demonstrated what a La Cloche clay bread baker can do for your bread - namely, making an amazing crust. She also includes an experiment with KA artisan flour and a recipe for skipjack tuna salad!

Billie said she will never buy store-bought bread again. This recipe was too yummy and would be great with anything!


  1. Lovely to see you back Elle, great round up x ----- Jeniffer

  2. Thank you for the round up Elle. Will be visiting everyone soon.

  3. Rose's Hearth Bread is like an old friend now; totally reliable and always turns out perfectly.