Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Irish Soda Bread

Rose's Irish Soda Bread was our recipe for October and it was a lovely adaptation of the well-known classic!

Patty made her bread into delicious looking rolls. Packed with well-soused raisins left over from a previous recipe, she let them swim in a pool of bourbon until they were good and passed out. Sounds good to me!

Laura had some trepidation about trying soda bread but she decided to trust Rose. It was well worth it and she is a devoted convert to Rose's adaption.

Jeniffer recently lost her father and found baking to be at least a temporary solace, even if the lovely memories of food and family get a few tears in the batter. Rose's Bread Bakers are always ready to share some tea and a slice of toast if you need it, Jeniffer! This month's bread is timely since her step-son is in Ireland. She shared that across the pond, it's simply known as brown bread. Neat!

Ellia was glad to get back into baking this month after her father's passing as well. This was a nice, easy way to get up in the bready saddle again. She and her daughters could hardly wait for their loaf to cool before gobbling it up. A dangerous and delicious treat!

Vicki found this recipe incredibly easy to make, and incredibly scrumptious. Her raisins soaked in a bath of whisky, with extra for the whipped whisky butter. Fabulous right out of the oven, she says this will definitely be something to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Joyce said this recipe is a keeper. She was definitely a fan of the whisky butter spread on a warm piece of bread as a lovely treat on its own.

Sheryl treated us to a bit of background on the surprisingly devoted following of soda breads! While Rose's version might not be traditional, she still found it delicious and would make this one again anytime.

Thank you to everyone who baked this month! November will see us making ginger scones :)


  1. Everyone's bread turned out lovely! Fun to read the Round Up to catch the posts I missed.

  2. Great post Elle, I'm with Vicki this is when I catch up with the posts I've missed. Everyones bread looks great :) ----Jeniffer

  3. I had to laugh out loud about the soused bourbon raisins --all of the breads looked great!

  4. Fabulous bread, everyone! This is definitely a keeper recipe. Love it! Great roundup, Elle!

  5. Thanks Elle, for the new list of Upcoming Breads! Sounds good!