Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

There's something about August that seems to knock people for six! For a lot of the bakers in America, school has started back up already which means less time to dedicate to bread making *sad face* It's also a time for vacations and getting your last summer huzzahs. For our bakers in other parts of the world with different seasonality, it still seems to be a hectic month with busy calendars.

In other words, I think we'll definitely be updating this Round Up in a few weeks after everyone gets on an even keel again. In the meantime, we had some intrepid bakers who soldiered through and delivered some amazing, delectable loaves of cinnamon raisin bread!

First up is Joyce. She's our newest member to the Bread group and woah, can this gal bake! Her raisin loaf (she omitted the cinnamon) is spectacular, with an envious crumb and delicate texture. She topped her slices off with homemade Orange and Cardamom jelly. Our mouths are watering just looking at it! (Be sure to check out her results for blueberry muffins and the caramel sticky buns in previous Round Ups).

Sheryl is another of our blogger bakers and she has continued expounding on her bread baking skills. Despite a few hiccups, she produced two lovely looking loaves of cinnamon raisin bread. She's also starting to see some parallels between our baking pace and the movie Julie and Julia. Amen to that!

Laura decided to take a field trip to her local farmer's market for some fresh Diamond Muscat raisins for her bread. And learned a lesson about using fresh raisins in bread (spoiler: they will pop out when slicing is all. Still tastes great). This bread was easy to overdose on - one slice just isn't enough!

Jeniffer used a delicious mix of sultanas and currants for her cinnamon raisin bread - an excellent choice! She topped hers with fresh cheese and berries but thought this bread was yummy enough to be eaten unadorned.

That's it so far for this month - check back later as the bakers post their results!

Happy baking,


  1. Thank you for adding me to the group!
    Everyone's bread looks wonderful!

  2. Big welcome to Joyce! This recipe will forever ruin store bought cinnamon raisin bread; it's so superior. Everyone's loaves look wonderful.

  3. Great round up! Welcome to Joyce, I just visited your blog to see the orange and cardamom jelly that pairs so beautifully with your bread. ---- Jeniffer

    1. Thank you Jennifer for the warm welcome and for visiting my blog too!

  4. Hi. May I join. I just got the Bread Bible. Im not a baker but want to start making my own bread. Is that what all this is about??

    1. Yes, absolutely! Would you like to join by Facebook, and/or blog?